William served in the United States Navy for three years. He enjoys reading and crossword puzzles. William is diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD symptoms and he also has a history of substance abuse. William’s challenge was gaining and maintaining employment. Sometimes he was able to get an interview but unable to sell himself to the employer. At other times, he would gain employment and then lose the job.

Our recruiter began one on one support sessions with William every Monday for about an hour, instead of just having him immediately apply for jobs and go to job fairs and hiring events. Together they came up with a plan of action regarding where he wanted to work, and what kind of work he wanted to do and is able to do. We focused on life skills, mock interviewing, productive job search techniques, and problem-solving methods.

These one-on-one support sessions gave William great confidence and his social skills improved tremendously. Through these sessions, William developed trust and he began to open up and allow our recruiter to help him. When he began to hear and see other veterans we worked with gain and retain employment, he allowed us to provide him with the services that he very much needed. Through this journey, William obtained full-time employment with the GCA Group as a general cleaner at the J.C. Penny Distribution Center. William is very happy and states “I thank God for Mr. Hillman for helping me with confidence and employment to be able to pay my bills. I am very grateful and I will tell anybody about this great program.”


When we first met Ezra, he had fallen on bad times, lost his apartment, did not have a job, and was living in a homeless shelter. During the intake, our recruiter learned that Ezra had a welder’s certification and a plumbing apprentice certification.

We provided Ezra with bus passes and served as a liaison between Ezra and H & G Systems. We set up an interview for him and he was hired full-time as a welder making $22.00 an hour. Ezra is no longer living in a homeless shelter. He now has his own apartment and is saving to buy a car. His employer is also providing him with additional training which could lead to a possible promotion and more pay.


Alvin is a 59-year-old male who was married and had a family. After being convicted of a crime and serving seven years in jail, he lost his family, his home, his job and his way of living. Alvin was looking for work and any assistance that he could find in order to put his life back together.

Alvin’s work history included yard care, forklift operation, warehouse work, and car inspections. After conducting an initial intake and assessment, our recruiter scheduled several interviews for Alvin. One of these companies was Service Partners which does lawn care and gutter cleaning. Alvin went on the interview and was hired a couple of days later. Now Alvin is working full-time and making $14.50 per hour. He has started to rebuild his relationship with his daughter, and he now gets to see his grandchildren. He and his wife are also trying to work things out.