About Us

Our Mission

AchieveGreatness connects individuals with barriers to work with best in class employment opportunities.


Our Story

AchieveGreatness is a subsidiary social enterprise of Achieve! For over three decades, Achieve continues to place adults with disabilities in the workforce throughout the DFW area. With the constant need to employ individuals with barriers to work, it seemed like the natural next step for Achieve to create a staffing agency specific to this population in DFW. The Metroplex has experienced significant growth in the last few years. Consequently, having an agency focused on connecting quality people, who happen to be experiencing life challenges, to best-in-class employers made sense. Especially employers who care about the needs of the people they employ! Our #1 goal is to be the largest employee focused non-profit agency in the metropolitan area to connect companies of all sizes with talented individuals ready to work.

Our Process

Our decades of experience, flexibility, and one on one collaboration with employers enable us to discover a customized plan to fulfill the needs of all those involved.

With our quality assurance process, fast responses, and comprehensive screening of employees, you can be confident in our ability to match the right person with the right positions.

We reduce personnel overhead expenses because employers experience lower turnover, reduced workers’ compensation claims, and do not pay benefits.

We guarantee matching skilled staff with the needs of best-in-class employers.

Our Team


Tim Allen

Executive Director


“Finding the right job that a person can turn into a career is such a rewarding experience.”


Karen Spicer

Director of Talent Acquisition


“I love being able to work with clients from their first day of placement until they are achieving success in their new job.”

Our Impact

We placed 189 individuals in community jobs this year (FY2018); a 58% increase over FY2017, 63% increase over FY2016, and 130% increase over FY2015. 82% of these individuals were placed in full-time employment (as compared to part-time employment). 92% maintained their job for at least 3 months and 85% maintained employment for at least 6 months. We also assisted an additional 194 individuals maintain employment that they obtained in previous years by providing as needed job retention support.

Employment by the Numbers:

189 – Individuals place in employment
2.1 – Months to obtain employment
82% – Placed in full-time employment (compared to part-time employment)
$11.25 – Average hourly wage
38% – Some college education and/or college degree

For Veterans:

54% – clients served in employment program were veterans
39% – new admissions in employment program were veterans
68% – placed clients were veterans
91% – retention rate for the first 90 days of employment

Success Stories

Success Stories

William served in the United States Navy for three years. He enjoys reading and crossword puzzles. William is diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD symptoms and he also has a history of substance abuse. William’s challenge was gaining and maintaining emp...

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Success Stories

When we first met Ezra, he had fallen on bad times, lost his apartment, did not have a job, and was living in a homeless shelter. During the intake, our recruiter learned that Ezra had a welder’s certification and a plumbing apprentice certificatio...

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Success Stories

Alvin is a 59-year-old male who was married and had a family. After being convicted of a crime and serving seven years in jail, he lost his family, his home, his job and his way of living. Alvin was looking for work and any assistance......

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